Our area has a lot to be proud of: we're home to one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the city, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and a vibrant LGBTIQA+ community.

Unfortunately, we also have something that's shameful and largely hidden: some of the highest rates of domestic and family violence in NSW.

In Marrickville Legal Centre’s catchment, Canterbury-Bankstown is one of the five areas in NSW with the largest proportion of domestic violence assaults*.

And it's reflected in our statistics: approximately one in three queries relate to violence in the family or in an intimate partnership.

This end of financial year, will you help support some of the most vulnerable in our community, by supporting Marrickville Legal Centre’s outreach to these survivors?

Your donation is tax deductible and every cent will be spent on services: we guarantee none will be spent on administration or fundraising.

So often in family and domestic violence, the social problems overlap with the legal ones: that’s why there’s a social worker specialising in this area that is based at our Centre.

All the recent attention, along with a new system which has been rolled out across NSW means we’re now hearing from more people in crisis.

While it’s great that more people are seeking help, we’re struggling to meet the demand.

In the past few years, the number of family and domestic violence survivors seeking help from Marrickville Legal Centre has increased and the cases have become more complex: and we’re trying to meet that with the same resources.

Please give what you are able to help us to maintain and expand our services for people leaving family and domestic violence.

Your donation is tax deductible and every cent of it will be spent on outreach for people leaving family and domestic violence. That's no spending on administration or fundraising.

Thanks in advance for your generous contribution.

- Annette van Gent, Principal Solicitor and Acting Executive Officer, Marrickville Legal Centre

*NSW Recorded Crime Statistics, July 2015-June 2016