Young people and divorce: Triple J Hack

Young people filing for divorce often encounter more personal and financial issues compared with older couples, according to the MLC’s Principal Solicitor, Annette van Gent.

In an interview with Triple J Hack, Ms van Gent said it costs several hundred dollars to get divorced and this can deter young people from seeking legal help at the outset.

‘’It can be quite expensive for younger people … and as a consequence, often people don’t seek advice in those timely ways they could or should and that can mean sometimes that the problems around getting separated and divorced escalate in a way that they don’t necessarily have to.

‘’Often [young] people don’t necessarily know at the first instance what to do, who to turn to, where to get support, where to get advice, where to get help,” she says.

“There are community legal centres like the one that I work for and we can give advice and some very practical suggestions as well to people which is really important at an early stage to stop the issues becoming more complicated than they need to be,” she says.

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Migrants more vulnerable in domestic violence cases

Migrants are faced with significant challenges when attempting to leave abusive domestic partnerships according to MLC solicitor, Katie Green.

In an interview with SBS Radio’s Portuguese service, Ms Green explains that migrants may feel particularly vulnerable if they experience domestic violence, since their place in the country is contingent upon their relationship with their attacker.

"I think for migrants there are so many barriers to accessing support and assistance because people are thinking about what ties them to that visa and what their migration responsibility is,” she says.

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$100,000 announcement for MLC's family and domestic violence work

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