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In May we saw how social justice is expressed through the arts. Social Justice Slam, a partnered event with Bankstown Poetry Slam, gave us an opportunity to view social justice through the lens of 10 spoken word artists. Around 300 attendees were treated to some stimulating literary talent who demonstrated the power of poetry in highlighting social issues. We heard some thought-provoking poetry from talented artists including Dai Moret, Lungol Wekina, Sharnay Mkhayber, Doug Belton and more.

Keynote speaker Amani Haydar - lawyer, Archibald Prize finalist and advocate for people experiencing domestic violence - concluded the evening with some inspired words on her own relationship with the arts and our justice system, and how they intertwine.

The arts is a meaningful tool for communicating social justice and injustice, whether by words, visual expression, music or otherwise. Marrickville Legal Centre are thrilled to have taken part in such an influential event with lasting potential to compel the wider community to improve access to justice for all.

Keynote speaker Amani Haydar

Keynote speaker Amani Haydar

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