MLC Urges NSW Gov to End ‘No Grounds’ Evictions


The Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Teams at Marrickville Legal Centre is calling on the NSW Government to fulfill its commitment to abolish ‘no grounds’ evictions. In a letter addressed to members of Parliament, we highlight the pressing need to provide renters with increased security and stability in the housing market. 


‘No grounds’ evictions, where tenants are terminated without reason, continue to plague renters across New South Wales, leaving them vulnerable to housing insecurity and financial strain. Our tenancy services, which assists thousands of distressed tenants from the Inner West and Northern Sydney annually, emphasises the disproportionate impact of these evictions on marginalised communities, including First Nations peoples, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, individuals with disabilities, and those reliant on government benefits. 


We underscore the urgency of ending ‘no grounds’ evictions, particularly at the conclusion of fixed-term agreements. Without comprehensive reforms, the government’s commitment to improving rental laws and housing affordability risks falling short of its objectives. 

We urge the NSW Government to consider the experiences of renters and collaborate with tenant advocacy groups to develop robust rental law reforms that prioritise tenant rights and housing stability. 


“Community housing tenants are often from disadvantaged backgrounds, including those with disabilities or on pensions, and require ongoing and secure housing.” says MLC’s Solicitor, Robert Yen. 


“It is absurd that community housing providers can use end of fixed term to terminate the tenancies of some of the most vulnerable members of the society.” 


Late last year, our Northern Sydney Area Tenants’ Service (NSATS) appeared before the NCAT in defence of a social housing tenant with a complex mental health issue facing an end of fixed term eviction. The matter progressed further into a contested hearing with a listing the very next day. Despite the odds, NSATS successfully defeated the termination application. The Tribunal dismissed the application. 


For over 40 years, our team of tenants’ advocates and lawyers have provided their expertise and insights into the application of rental laws to advocate for the implementation of evidence-based policies that address the needs of renters across the state. 

MLC remains committed to advocating for fair and equitable housing policies that empower renters and create a more secure housing market for all residents of New South Wales. 


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