New Legalbot provides legal info in real time


Legalbot ‘lite’ is live on and ready for your enquiries!

Following a sharp rise in demand for legal assistance relating to COVID-19, Marrickville Legal Centre has brought forward testing and deployed our Legalbot ‘lite’ to help our community access our services.

Now it is easier than ever before to reach Marrickville Legal Centre’s solicitors, tenants’ advocates, and domestic violence worker.

Legalbot is a live chat service powered by artificial intelligence that users can interact with in real-time.

Legalbot ‘lite’ will help people in our community to understand their legal problems quickly and efficiently. The full functionality of LegalBot will be released later this year, which will <explain what full functionality will do>.

This service is one of the many ways that Marrickville Legal Centre is committed to innovating access to justice for vulnerable people. Legalbot will help our Centre to better manage inflow from the community, efficiently make appointments with our team, and offer legal information on low complexity matters.

Legalbot offers clients the information and documentation necessary to make informed legal decisions about their lives.

Originally due to launch later this year, our team have worked hard to bring the launch of Legalbot forward to lend extra assistance at a time when our community is in need.

Visit and see the bottom-right of your page to talk to Marrickville Legal Centre’s Legalbot today.

This service is made possible by Access to Justice Innovation Fund from the NSW Government.