Meet Loren, our DFV Worker

Welcome to our new Domestic & Family Violence Worker, Loren! Loren is a social work graduate with a background in legal administration. She recently joined our team drawn by MLC’s commitment to social justice and proactive community involvement.
What brings you to Marrickville Legal Centre?
Approaching the end of my degree, I wanted to pursue a graduate opportunity that complimented my qualifications in social work as well as my legal administrative experience. When I came across the position and researched more about MLC, I was drawn by their commitment to social justice and proactive community involvement. I applied straight away and have enjoyed getting to know the team and local area!
Where have you worked and studied before Marrickville Legal Centre?
I worked in legal administration for 5 years in a suburban law firm in Lane Cove (Patrick Grimes & Co. Solicitors) and finished my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Sydney this year. During my degree, I was placed at breakthru and Northern Sydney Sexual Assault Service to complete my field education hours and learned a lot about disability, young people and violence against women.
How did you begin working with people who have experienced Domestic & Family Violence?
Working at Northern Sydney Sexual Assault Service, it was quite common for survivors to have also experienced domestic and family violence. From my studies and practice experience, enduring domestic and family violence is more common than it appears and it not only impacts survivors but also observers and the communities they live in. Once I understood the prevalence of this issue, I was motivated to continue working in this sector.
Why is social justice important to you?
I believe there is a misconception that all Australians receive “a fair go” and are able to live a fulfilling quality of life if they work harder for it. What I have learned is that social justice cannot be achieved on an individual basis and that collective support and combined expertise can be effective when working towards better outcomes for Australians experiencing adversity.
What is a fun fact about you?
I am Australian born but my cultural background is half Greek, half Rotuman (Rotuma being a small Polynesian island off the mainland of Fiji).
Marrickville Legal Centre’s community-based domestic violence support service offers easily accessible, integrated legal & non-legal support services to people who have experienced family and domestic violence. If you would like support from Marrickville Legal Centre and the Domestic and Family Violence Support Service, please fill in our Domestic & Family Violence Support Service contact form or call 02 9559 2899.  If you are in immediate danger, please call 000. If you require immediate support or after hours support, please contact the Domestic Violence line on 1800 65 64 63.