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Marrickville Legal Centre is pleased to establish the Savvy Finance E-Kit with thanks to Sydney Community Foundation The Savvy Finance E-Kit will develop and deliver e-learning modules that aim to reduce the risk of financial abuse for vulnerable women who live in the Greater Sydney region. Savvy Finance is calling for contribution from community workers for a focus group on 20 April 2021.


What is Savvy Finance?

Our vision for the Savvy Finance E-Kit is to develop and deploy two e-learning streams. The first e-learning stream will be provided to women who are vulnerable to, or have experienced, financial abuse. Our second e-learning stream is targeted at the community professionals who work with these women. The EKit will be developed in consultation with culturally and linguistically diverse women and women who have experienced domestic and family violenceacross all ages.  


Savvy Finance outcomes

The Savvy Finance E-kit endeavours to empower women in the Greater Sydney region to make informed, independent financial decisions about their own lives, and to upskill community professionals to confidently identify and assist women who are at risk of financial abuse.



The E-Kit is needed by our community now more than ever and, as the response to financial abuse varies from person to person, it is crucial that we approach its development holistically. The objective of these consultations is to understand how e-learning can help, support, and empower women who are:

  • experiencing, or vulnerable to, financial abuse.
  • within Vietnamese, Chinese or Middle Eastern communities.
  • engaged with community organizations.


How you can help

Insights gained through consultation will inform thbalanced and effective deployment of the Savvy Finance E-KitAs a professional working in the community, winvite you to contribute your perspective during this consultation process. Together, we can develop a considered and evidence-based EKit that achieves positive long-term outcomes for all recipients. 


Next steps 

We are hosting a focus group with community professionals working across Sydney on Tuesday 20 April 2021. Please express your interest by completing this form and we will contact you at the scheduled time, venue and/or platform on 9 April 2021. 


Any questions? Let us know! 

Kinga Bisits | E-Learning Project Officer 

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Loren Katafono | D&FV Worker 

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