Give, don’t gamble


This spring racing carnival, consider repurposing money that would be spent on gambling.


During the Spring Racing Carnival, Australians spend around $800 million on gambling. If just 1% of the $800 million Australians spend on gambling was given to community organisations like Marrickville Legal Centre, that $8 million could be used to improve the lives of disadvantaged people affected by the grief of gambling addiction.

Gambling controls the lives of problem gamblers and the lives of those around them, affecting their finances, family lives, and health. The financial abuse can leave those affected spiraling into debt and desperation.


Phi Phi (not real name) is a middle-aged woman from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. She works part-time, and her family all live overseas. Phi Phi had been in a relationship with William for years before it came to light that he struggled with gambling addiction. He began accessing Phi Phi’s financial accounts without her consent or knowledge. Before long, William had taken a copy of Phi Phi’s identification and signed up for personal loans in Phi Phi’s name whilst she was overseas. He also started using her credit card at his leisure. At worst, the personal loans and credit card debt surmounted $60,000. Phi Phi came to Marrickville Legal Centre in despair. Marrickville Legal Centre were able to negotiate with Phi Phi’s bank to have the loan debt completely written off and her credit report cleared, and refer Phi Phi to non-legal support services.

Phi Phi was fortunate to find help and a way out. She has now started afresh, free of the manipulative control of her ex-partner. With your contribution, Marrickville Legal Centre can help more people like Phi Phi to access justice.


$50 can help provide preliminary advice for someone experiencing financial abuse.

$100 can help a lawyer negotiate with a credit provider to initiate the clearing of debts due to financial abuse.