How to check your payslip


When you sign an employment contract, the salary, or wages that you agree to receive matters, but do you know if it’s above the minimum legal requirements?


What is a payslip?

Employees need to receive pay slips within 1 business day of receiving their pay. Employees pay slips are usually generated from a payroll software but can be given electronically or in hard copy.


What would a payslip include?

  • Your name
  • Employer’s name
  • Employer’s Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Employment status (full time/ part time/ casual)
  • Name of Award/Agreement
  • The date of payment
  • Number of days your work/Working Days
  • If you are paid in hourly basis:
    • Hourly rate
    • The number of hours worked
    • The total amount of pay received
    • Any Penalty rates
  • Your gross and net payment
  • Your entitlements
  • Any deductions
  • Any superannuation contributions/Your employer contributions
  • Taxation


How do I figure out if I have been underpaid?

If you have read your payslip, but you are unsure whether you are underpaid, you can go to to check or calculate your pay.


What is an award in relation to my employment?

A Modern Award may cover your employment, depending on the industry you work in and the type of work you do. If you know which award applies to you, and would like to know more, you can visit Fair Work’s list of awards to access the details of the award that applies to you.


How do I know which award applies to me?

If you are unsure about the Award you are covered for, you can visit Fair Work’s Find My Award to find the award that applies to you.

If you are unsure as to how to read your payslip, or unsure if you are being paid correctly, solicitors at Marrickville Legal Centre can help you identify what award applies to you in relation to your employment and help you recover your payment if you have been underpaid.

This factsheet contains legal information. It is not legal advice. The legal information is current as at 29 April 2022.